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The Unpredictability Index

Find out more about the research powering the Unpredictability Series.

It is often said we live in uncertain times. But was it ever thus? Are we so consumed by the here and now that in our ‘always-on’ culture and amidst the twitter-storms where the sheer noise of information is deafening that it feels more uncertain than earlier years? Surely our greater ability to measure and analyse means all of life should be far more predictable than ever before?

QBE commissioned a unique programme of research to determine whether levels of unpredictability had changed over the past 30 years, where they might be headed in the next decade and what impact, if any, unpredictability has on businesses.

Our research focussed on five key areas that affect businesses and how they operate: economic change, business change, societal change, political change and environmental change.  Technological change is a feature of each pillar to a greater or lesser extent.

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