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Agility and adaptability – the keys to success

Maths Stanser
General Manager, Nordics
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Few among us will miss 2020 but there were positives and big points of learning which could help us build more certain futures. When it comes to business, one of the biggest lessons last year was the importance of agility and adaptability. Being able to quickly think, understand and react to changing market conditions was make or break for many companies and with uncertainty set to continue into the new year, becoming more nimble should be on every business’s resolution list. In this article, we look at how your culture, people and processes can become more agile and what steps you can take now to help you weather future storms.

Adapt, change and repeat

Four basics to creating an agile culture

Don’t let process get in the way

People make the difference

Building organisational agility is a long-term process that requires serious leadership commitment and alignment across many parts of a business.

Building a “Skunkworks” and three other things you can do now

Lessons from a crisis

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